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Custom Time Periods

Sometimes, it is useful to be able to look at a specific time period for a statistic.  To see this, you may need to extend the graph to a longer period of time. Or, you may want to look only at the trend of a specific three month period. This help article will show you how you can customize the time period that your graph is displayed in.

 Once you log in, go to “Graphing”, “Single Graph”. 

 ctp - initial dropdown

Select the statistic you would like to view the graph for.

ctp - select your stat

For this example, let’s say that I know this area has had significant changes this year and I know I’m going to want to view the entire year regularly. It’s best to set a custom time period so I can simply use that setting each time. 

 Click on the light grey “Add/Edit” link.

ctp - add edit link 

Since we are creating a new custom period, leave the drop down box at the top as “<New>”

 ctp - select box new

First, give your custom period a custom name. Ours will be “Yearly 2014”

ctp - name the stat


Next set the dates this time period will display.

ctp - select the dates 

The next thing to decide is who this custom period can apply to. If you select “Just Me” then you are the only one that will be able to use this custom period. Other users, even in the same company, will have to make their own. If you select “Company-wide” anyone in the company can use this custom period.  Don’t forget to save. 

 ctp - applies to and save

After returning to the graphing area, the custom period you created will now be available in the dropdown box. 

Choose the custom time period and the graph will be updated to reflect those dates. 

ctp - using the time period now

You can also adjust them manually using the date boxes above the dropdown boxes. Those adjustments will display on the graph as long as you are on this page. If you leave and return, you will need to set those dates again. 

Using these tools, you’ll always be able to view a custom time period of your graphs!