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How Backlog Stat Entry Works

Times come up when you cannot enter stats for a while. Whether it is a few days or a few weeks, sometimes it gets hard to find the time to make sure the stats are in. Or, you could be new to the online stat software, and wondering how to have all of your production show when the old data isn’t in the system, it’s on all these papers scattered over your desk. Luckily, has a backlog entry feature.

hbsew - from dropdown menu

Select the stat you want to enter data for from the drop down menu

hbsew - select from dropdown

The page will automatically load the selected stat and one year’s worth of spaces to enter backlogged stats (for daily stats, it will be 1 month’s worth of spaces, and 2 years for a yearly stat)

hbsew - empty grid

You can enter the value of your statistic (box 1) and as applicable also add quotas (box 2) and/or notes (box 3)

hbsew - enter value quota notes

If you need to enter data more than one year old, you can adjust the most recent date using the “Up to:” date box

hbsew - up to box

Enter the new date that you want, click “Change” and voila! You have earlier dates available to enter, up to a year before the most recent displayed date

hbsew - change button

Using this tool, you can enter backlogged statistics as far back as needed!