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How to Add a New Stat

Whether your company is growing or you’re just starting, you need to know how to add a new stat on UseMyStats. It’s helpful for growing companies who may have a new employee, or a new area that needs stats, etc. It’s helpful for a new company because if you can’t create a stat on, you can’t enter stats! The good news is, it’s simple to do, and we can help you.


First, log in. Then go to “Admin”, “Statistic Creation/Editing” and click “Create New”.



  1. Enter a name for your new stat. 
  2. Select how you want the values to be handled when viewing the graph on a different time period. For example, if viewing a weekly statistic on a monthly interval, would you like the value displayed for March to be each weekending added together? Display the average value for each weekending? Or only display the last value reported for the month?
  3. Set the time period (whether this stat reflects a day’s production, week’s production, month’s production, etc.)
  4. Select the number of decimal places you would like displayed, and whether you would like 0’s to display if the decimal place does not have a value. For example, if the #of Decimals is set to 2 and “Always Show Decimals” is selected, the value four will show on the graph as “4.00”.



There are additional options for each statistic which can be accessed by clicking the arrow next to “Permissions and Data Entry” or “Advanced Settings”. 

For simplicity, this help article only covers the basics of how to create a new stat. More advanced options are covered in the Advanced Stat Options article.