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How to Add/Edit Users

If you are new to UseMyStats, have a new employee, or are simply having a new person input stats, you might like to know how to add a new user. You also may need to know how to change the name, email address, etc. of one of your users. Here is a step by step guide to the users tab of the admin section.

 Once you log in, go to “Admin”, then “Users”. 

htaeu - initial dropdown

If you are adding a new person, fill in the blank boxes with the correct data. Hover over questions marks to learn which permissions are granted by each checkbox option. Don’t forget to click the save button. 

htaeu - hover over question marks


If you are editing an existing user, select the person you want to edit from the drop down box and their existing information fills in below.

htaeu - select and imformation populates


If someone will no longer be using their login, you can remove access at the click of a button. This will not delete them from the company, but they will no longer be able to log in or enter stats.

htaeu - deactivate button


Now you can add, remove, or edit your users as much as you need!