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How to Create a Stat Group

Stat groups allow you to enter several related stats in one easy location. Creating a stat group is easy, and will save you the time of having to switch from one stat to another to another to another.


Once you log in, go to “Admin”, “Stat Group Management”


Click “Create New” to add a new group, or the edit icon to edit an existing group.


Name your stat group, select the interval,  who can see the group, and click “Save Group”.


To add stats, click on them from the right-hand side and drag them to the left-hand side.


The stat will now show up in the grid below. If you need to remove a stat, just drag it back to the right-hand side.



When you are done editing the stats that are in your group, click “Save Group”. To enter values for your group, go to “Enter Stats”, “Group Stat Entry”. 


Select your group in the drop down menu, and only those statistics will appear in the grid for entry.


From the graphing page, you can also select the group to scroll through only these statistics, print only this group, etc. 


Just like that, you have your group and can enter stats faster and easier from now on!