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How to Edit a Stat

Sometimes you need to edit a stat. Whether you need to change the name of the stat or the decimal point to which it displays, you’ll become the master of editing your stats.


Once you log in, go to “Admin”, then “Statistic Creation/Editing”. 

hteas - select from dropdown

Select the correct statistic from the drop down menu

hteas - select from dropdown box

Most of the options you can edit will be under the advanced options. Click the “Show Advanced Options” button next to the drop down menu

hteas - click show advanced options

From here, it’s as simple as changing the data that needs to be changed.

NOTE: Intervals are not able to be edited. If you need to change an interval, create a new statistic

Ensure you click the “Save” button or any changes will be lost

hteas - showing all options

Just like that, you’ve become a stat-editing master!