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How to Edit Your Company Details

It may happen that you need to adjust the details of your company. You may have moved from one time zone to another, or you may have a new administrator. Whatever your need to adjust your company details, this is where you’ll learn to do it!


First, log in and go to “Admin”, “Company Details.

hteycd - initial dropdown


To change the name of your company, change it in this box. Don’t forget to save your changes!

hteycd - change company name box


To edit the administrator, select the person you want from the dropdown box.

hteycd - regular use box

If the person you need is not in there, go to the “Users” area.

hteycd - users area

Select the person you want to be administrator from this dropdown box, select both the “Site Admin” and “Stat Admin” boxes, then click “Save”.


hteycd - change user settings

Go back to the “Company Details” area.

hteycd - return to company details

The person will now show up as an option as an administrator.

If your company has changed where it is located and you need to change the time zone, simply select the correct time zone from the drop down menu.

You can change the date your year ends in the same way, by selecting the correct date from the drop down menus.

Of course, if you make any changes, be sure to save them.

hteycd - change times


If you need to change the day of the week that your work week ends on, contact us directly and we will do it for you.

hteycd - change weekending


Using this, you should be able to make your company details correct, no matter the changes that come.