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How To Enter Stats

Let’s get back to basics. How do you enter stats to your account? UseMyStats provides four simple options, all accessed from the “Enter Stats” section: 

htes - enter stats button


Let’s begin with “Group Stat Entry”. 

htes - group stat entry


Use the dropdown box to select the group you would like to work with. If you have statistics already entered to your account, you will notice default groups based on the frequency the stats are entered, such as weekly, monthly, etc. To add new groups, or to edit an existing group, click the “Add/Edit Groups” link to the right. Further information on how to manage stat groups is located in a separate tutorial here

htes - group stat options


All stats in the group you have selected now display in the grid below, and the date box defaults to the most recent weekending for your company. Use the calendar icon to change the date to a different weekending if needed, then click “Change Date”. 

htes - group stat entry dates


Stat names are listed to the left, followed by any value which has been entered previously for that weekending. “Incomplete” indicates no entry has been made. Enter the value for each stat, along with any notes, then click “Save Stats”. 

htes - group stat enter values


The values you entered now move to the “Entered Value” column. To make any corrections or add additional notes, simply fill in the “Value” or “Notes” box and click “Save Stats” again. 

htes - group stat entry values entered


Now let’s look at “Single Stat Entry”. 

htes - single stat entry dropdown


All your stats are listed in the dropdown box. As on the “Entry by Group” tab, use the dropdown box and calendar icon to set the stat and date you want to work with. Enter the value for that weekending in the “Value” box, then click “Save”. 

htes - single stat entry options


Your new entry will now be listed in the grid below, along with all prior weekendings and values for this stat. 

htes - single stat entry grid


On the right of the page is the “Quota Entry” grid. Use the dropdown box, calendar icon, and value box as before to enter quotas for the selected stat. These will now display in the grid below as well. 

htes - quota entry box


Next, let’s view “Backlog Stat Entry”, a combination of the options on the two prior tabs. Use the dropdown box to select the stat to work with, then set the most recent date you would like to view. All weekendings prior to the date selected will display in the grid below. You may now enter values for any listed weekending, enter quotas, and enter notes. When you are done, don’t forget to click “Save Stats”. 

htes - stat backlog entry


The final option is “Import”. This is used when you have multiple statistics over time stored in a spreadsheet for entry. A view of the tab is included below, and a full tutorial on how to use it is covered in a separate entry here

htes - import stats