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Our Features

Streamlined Data Entry

One of our most popular features is the care we’ve taken to simplify and streamline data entry. From entering stats by email, to automatic calculations, importing from Excel, and direct integration with the systems you use the most, we have multiple options to do the work of data entry for you, leaving you free to produce! Learn more here!

Easy-to-Read Graphs

Our graphs have been carefully crafted for ultimate simplicity and ease of reading. From clear lines to automatic scaling, to just the right number of values, we’ve put hundreds of hours so you don’t have to into making your graph display perfectly every time. And if you want to view it differently? We’ve got you covered with a full range of display choices. Learn more here!

Need Help?

We’ve got a great help resource that’s available if you ever get stuck or just can’t figure out how something works. You can peruse through the various categories from entering stats and graphs to admin features. And don’t worry, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, send us a message and we’ll help you get things figured out.

Take a look at the help section, just don’t get lost!

Combo Graphs

Have you ever wanted multiple stats to generate on a single graph? I’m not talking about overlays, although those are cool and useful too. I’m talking about creating a graph, that when you open it, already displays multiple stats simultaneously.

Well, now you can. Check out how here.

Pie Graphs

UMS now has support for pie graphs as well as line graphs. Just like our line graphs, these can be exported to PDF and printed.

Using Quotas

Quotas can be a very useful tool for any business. They give you a visual guide to the goals your business is trying to achieve.

UseMyStats makes it easy for you to set quotas for any stat and display them on the graph so you can see how close you’re getting to your goals.

To read more about how to use stat quotas, check it out here.


We’ve been working hard to add integrations for many different 3rd party programs. Want to pull stats from Google Analytics to track how well your website is doing, or how well your recent marketing plan is going? You can.

Want to connect your UMS account to your Dentrix account so you don’t have to enter stats twice? No problem.

InfusionSoft? Yep. Quickbooks? You got it. We’re always working on bringing more. If there’s an integration you’d like, just let us know what it is.

Check out more about integrations here.

Different Languages

UMS is currently translated into 14 different languages including: Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Hebrew and more.

We are working hard to continue adding new translations. If there is a language you would like to see, let us know!

In-page Help Guide

Many pages now have in-page help guides. If the page you’re viewing has a “Give me a tour!” button in the top right of the screen, then there is an available help guide. To activate the guide, click the button and it will walk you through how to use the options on that page.

If there is a page you would like to see this on, please let us know!

Multiple Graph Overlays

This is one of our most popular features. You can overlay different graphs, or different sections of time from the same graphs. You have the option of giving each line on the graph a different color. You can choose tile the various graphs for printing/exporting, or print/export the graph of all your overlays.

Check out this post to get more information about graph overlays.

Custom Time Periods

Our system provides a few default stat periods: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. However, sometimes stats need to be kept by non-standard periods, such as quarterly, bi-monthly, etc. That’s not a problem! You can create as many custom periods as you need and they they become immediately available for use.

Learn more about Custom Time Periods.

Creating Stat Groups

Stat groups allow you to enter several related stats in one easy location. Creating a stat group is easy, and will save you the time of having to switch from one stat to another to another to another.

To check out how to setup stat groups, take a look here.

Data Grid, Print & Export Graphs

Most statistic keeping systems allow you to create and print graphs, but we went a step further. Our system automatically generates graphs as pdf files, which can then be viewed, saved, emailed or printed. The company name and statistic name are also automatically generated onto the graph. And, our system is setup so you can generate a graph from any time period and print or export it for keeping backups, or for just seeing how much your company has grown over time.

Along with graphs, you can also view stats in a data grid format. Selecting the stat group will create a table with all the stat data in that group laid out. This data grid table can be exported and opened in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.

For more on this, see our blog post on it here.

Stat Corrections

It’s like digital whiteout. Which makes sense, if you can remember what whiteout is.

Need to correct a value on an old stat? Maybe you found out that an incorrect value was entered a couple months ago and it’s messing with your graphs? This allows you to pinpoint that value and correct it. The same way you would have done with whiteout a couple decades ago.

To learn more, take a look here.

Import Stats from Excel

Our system allows you to upload stats yourself from any Excel spreadsheet, text file or csv (comma separated value) file where you may have been keeping your stats or maybe exported from a previous stat keeping software.

There are some simple instructions as well as an image showing you what format your file should be in for a smooth and accurate upload. However, if you need help, if your files are too large, or maybe you just don’t want to handle the import yourself, no problem! Let us know and we can work out a tailored quote to get you up and running in our system.

Find out more about importing stats here.

Customizable Dashboard

One of the most unique features of our system is the customizable dashboard. The dashboard is where you land when you login, once you’ve setup your account. You can choose any of your graphs to display on the dashboard, giving you a quick snapshot of how things look as soon as you login. The graphs you show can be changed at any time, and you can always add more.